Online fitness/diet and weight loss coaching

The aim of online coaching is to reach out to clients who don't live within a reasonable distance to train at my studio or for me to travel to them or would like the guidance of a personal trainer without the extra cost of the 1 to 1 sessions. 


A 30/45 min consultation via phone, Skype, messenger, would be booked so we could discuss your goals and I could ask a series of questions to get the information I need to design your workout and diet programme, then I would deliver the program via my stewiehowardpt app that I will ask you to download onto your mobile device or pc.


I will be available to answer any questions you may have during the programme, and will be in contact with you at regular intervals during your program which can all be done via my app, and at the end of the month we will schedule another consultation to assess your progress, before proceeding with the next month.


The process is ongoing each month, and you can stop whenever you want, there is no contract, but there are discounts for booking 3 months in advance.


So, if you feel as if we could work together, click on my contact page, message, email or phone me and let's get to work on your goals.


Find the best plan for your needs


per month


3 months in advance


This online coaching program is to help people transit to a plant based diet.

As a 5 year plant based/vegan eater and also a certified nutritionist I will work with you to transit to plant based eating.

We will cover all aspects of the diet like what to eat, what to watch out for when choosing processed plant based meals, as they are not always as healthy as they seem to be. Calorie, macro and micro tracking to make sure you are eating a well-balanced diet. What supplements are needed and why we need them. A large selection of plant based/vegan recipes with cooking instructions and full calorie breakdowns. Also included in this program is a fitness program with detailed exercises and video instructions.

The program starts with a consult where we will discuss your current fitness levels and diet, and then we will put you on a week of diet tracking so I can see your current diet. This will help me to see what you may be lacking or getting too much of in the way of nutrition.

I will be available to answer questions via my app, which I will get you to download on to your mobile device. then at the end of each month we will have a consult to see how you are progressing with the diet and exercise program. The program is a month to month basis, but no contract so you can stop whenever you are able to follow the new way of eating. but if you feel you need longer, or decide to stay on longer for diet and exercise coaching support that is also ok.

The program is £50 a month or £130 if you book 3 months in advance.


per month


3 months in advance

Fitness made easy no matter where you are 

As a professional personal trainer, Stewie Howard PT can offer you weight loss and diet coaching no matter where you live. As part of my online fitness coaching, you’ll have an initial online consultation with me. My consultation will cover your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle, which will help me understand your exact needs. Once your goals are clearly defined by you, I’ll tailor a plan for you, keeping in mind your lifestyle constraints and preferences. So if you feel like online coaching may be for you. Why not try it!

Complete nutrition guidance

I’ll design a meal plan to suit your needs. This plan will cover everything, including your caloric and macronutrient requirements. You will need to follow the plan for the recommended period.


Your nutrition guide is just a click away

I am always available to offer you expert advice. While my periodic reviews will cover your progress and provide further advice for coming weeks, you can contact me at any point for guidance or clarification, if required. 

Customer Reviews

“I have been training for years and could never get into shape for holidays so I booked Stewart for online training...Stewart looked at my diet and training and made some relevant changes and for the first time I had that famous 6 pack... Without a doubt I will be working with Stewart working towards next summer as I find he has a massive range of experience in the fitness industry. A five star rating” 


​Davi J.

“for someone who hates the gym and working out, joining pt sessions training with Stewart is such a pleasant surprise! I love having one to one sessions and working out in his own studio is amazing. There's a large range of equipment - kettlebells, boxing, cardio machines etc means the workouts are varied every time, fun and value for money! Stewart focuses on areas you wish to work on as well as giving diet and nutrition plans and continuously encourages and messages daily to keep you on track! These sessions have changed my thinking with regards to food and exercise. Give it a try, it's worth it!”



Roshni S.

“I used to train at the gym regularly but lost interest and motivation. I found Stewart online and in my first session I was so impressed with his knowledge as well as his fully equipped gym - I signed up straight away! At the time, I was planning my wedding so my sessions were focused around that. Stewart made sure I was on target with my goals and the look that I wanted to achieve so on my wedding day, I felt amazing! Now my focus is on keeping lean and building strength and I really enjoy my pt sessions. Stewart is dedicated to fitness, encourages you during and after sessions, tries his best to book you in at a time that suits you and is also a lovely person! I highly recommend him.”



Indy N.

“I have been working with Stewart for my weight loss goals, and am happy with my results, all ready for my holidays” 



Bartlomie J.R.

“Great work out, felt very comfortable, not embarrassed at all. Talks you through, answers all my questions, very good.” 



Anne F.

“Stewart's ability to keep me motivated has been fantastic. He's very knowledgeable about nutrition and getting the right exercise plan. Had frequent 1 to 1 reviews which you don't normally get with other people or in the gym. Truly recommended.” 



Tania P.




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