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With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and expertise in weight loss and body recomposition.  


Every customer is unique. That’s why I customise every one of my plans to fit your needs exactly. Whether it’s a 1-to-1 or a Skype consult, I will listen to your requests and prepare a customised plan to suit your goals.

Who Am I

From an early age, I have always loved fitness and nutrition. I did the usual sports in school, played football for the school team, played cricket, I also did track and field. Moving to Ireland from the UK I continued track and ran 800 and 1500m at county level.


And as they say [when in Rome] I started playing Gaelic football and played for a local team, it wasn't easy at first as Gaelic football is completely different than what I was used to playing [soccer] but because of my love for all things sport I eventually got the hang of it. 


Life has a funny way of putting a spanner in the works and I picked up some serious injuries, first breaking my leg in a motorbike accident and then as got back fit, breaking my other leg in a Gaelic football accident, so that was the end of my contact sport and track days.


Always looking to be active I started training in gyms and instantly fell in love with it, I was able to exercise without taking all the knocks of contact sport and the stress of track on the joints, but as life always gives you a challenge I had a work based accident, I fell from a height of about 3 meters and broke my ankle, this time needing reconstruction surgery, but the beauty of gym based exercise is you can always train around injury and any impediments.


I have gym based trained for 20 years now and still love it and train for function and mobility. And as I swiftly move through my 5th decade in life I feel as if I have gained knowledge that can’t be taught but only acquired thought living it. But for the record I am registered with the national academy of sports medicine [nasm] as a personal trainer, senior fitness trainer and sports and fitness nutrition coach. Also I have an itec in nutritional therapy. 


On a personal note, I became plant based / food vegan around 4 years ago for health and then ethical reasons. This is a personal choice but not one that I push on clients. We all have our own way of eating and as  I have worked with all forms of diets my job is to guide you in the right food choices for your goals, not to push my views on you. But I am more than happy to coach anyone who expresses an interest in plant based eating.

Which service are you interested in?
What do you want to achieve?
What's your level of fitness?

What can a Personal Trainer do for me?

If you have ever wanted to be slimmer, have more energy or enhance your physical performance, then a Personal Trainer may be for you. In addition to delivering an effective exercise programme and motivating you, a PT will also look at lifestyle issues and nutrition that contribute to making your exercise programme even more effective.

Do I need to be fit to start Personal Training?

No! That’s the great thing. Using a Personal Trainer is a highly effective way to get fit in the first place. Each person is unique so have their own personal challenges to conquer, whether it’s running for a bus or running a marathon.

How many sessions do I need to book in?

You can book single sessions from 1 to 12 sessions.

Where do sessions take place?

My sessions take place in my home studio in Harrow. Home visits and outdoor sessions can be arrange on request.

Does a Personal Trainer ask questions about your lifestyle?

The nature of personal training is such that it incorporates your needs, goals and preferences. The trainer will need to ask some initial questions during the consultation, which probe the demands that are placed on you from your job or lifestyle. Typically the first session will include questions about:
- Basic personal details - Medical background - Fitness background - Lifestyle factors (e.g. smoking or drinking) - Nutritional habits (you may be asked to keep a diary) - Personal goals and objectives in relation to fitness

Am I too old for this?

You are never too old to get moving! I have trained clients from 16 years to 87 years old. As we get older, there are changes in our bodies which mean an exercise programme needs to be adapted accordingly.

Does a Personal Trainer require a doctor's certificate

If you are under a doctor's supervision for any health condition, I will ask for clearance exercise from your doctor. Also, if the doctor has any recommended exercises and/or limitations to your exercises program. Other than that, if you are healthy, you can start straight away. The program will be design to fit your current fitness level and goals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a session, I ask for at least 24 hours notice. A session can be cancelled or rescheduled, however cancellations / rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee. This is a standard fitness industry cancellation policy.


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